who we are


AT VÖF : Verband Österreichischer FilmausstatterInnen – Austrian Filmdesigners Association

CH SSFV : Schweizer Syndikat Film und Video – Swiss Syndicate Film and Video

DE VSK : Verband der Berufsgruppen Szenenbild und Kostümbild – Association for Professionals in Costume and Production Design
DEVdRSD : Verband der Requisiteure und Set Decorator – German Association for Prop Masters and Set Decorators

DKDS : Danske Scenografer – Danish Scenographers

ESAAPEE : Asociación de Artistas Plásticos Escénicos de España – Association of Spanish Scenic Artists

FITEME LP – Trade Union for Theatre, Film and Television Designers

FRADC : Association des Décoratrices et Décorateurs de Cinéma – Association for Cinema Production Designers
FRAFCCA : Association Française des Costumiers du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel – French Association of Film and Audiovisual Costumers
FRMAD : Métiers Associés du Decor – Professionals Associated with Production Design

GBBFDG : British Film Designers Guild

ITASC : Associazione Italiana Scenografi, Costumisti e Arredatori – Italian Production Designers, Costume Designers and Set Decorators Association

NLACM Filmprofessionals : Vereniging voor Art, Costume & Make-Up / Hair Design

SISKOM : Združenje slovenskih filmskih scenografov, kostumografov in oblikovalcev maske – Association of Slovenian Film Production Designers, Costume Designers and Make-up Designers

The founding members were:

All organisations, that represent film and/or audiovisual artists working for Production and/or Costume Design, from any European country, are eligible to become full members of ARTSCENICO. 

ARTSCENICO will exclusively act in the field of cinema, audiovisual media and TV. If you are looking for a federation dedicated to stage performance, we recommend OISTAT.


FR – AFAP : Association Française des Accessoiristes de Plateau – Association representing French Standby Props and On-set Dressers


NONFF : Norsk Filmforbundet – the Norwegian Film Association organizes professionals in all functions within Norwegian film, video and TV production.

PLSFP : Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich – Polish Filmmakers Association

SETeaterförderbundet för Scen och Film – The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film


It is impossible for individuals to become a member, but the following countries are connected via individuals, as they are in the process of creating their own organisation :

GR – Lina Patsiou – production designer

LVLiene Dobraja