c/o CST
9 rue Baudoin
75013 Paris, France


Maximilian Lange, PD, VSK Germany, President
Päivi Kettunen, PD, Teme LP Finland, Vice-President
Zita Pichler, PD, ASC Italy, Secretary
Stéphanie Bertrand-Carussi, PD, ADC France, Vice Secretary
Olivier Meidinger, PD, VSK Germany, Treasurer
Laurent Tesseyre, PD, ADC + MAD France, Treasurer
Laure Lepelley-Monbillard, PD, ADC France, Treasurer
Anne Karttunen, PD, Teme LP Finland
Cara Maeno, PD, VdRSD Germany
Margriet Procee, CD, ACM Netherlands

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