Distinguished representatives of our member organisations, 

dear friends and colleagues,

“Isolation combined with self-optimization to survive in merciless competition with others must no longer remain the basis of our working world. Filmmakers prove through their work in a team that the interaction of many ultimately leads to a great result. This principle of collegial cooperation could also serve as a model because filmmaking has always been the blueprint for a future world of work. “

This is a quote from a letter from IMAGO which we want to share with you.

Please send it on to all your members and important film-policy-relevant organisations in your country. Let’s unite across Europe against adverse working conditions! 

With best regards from the ARTSCENICO Board :

Emmanuelle Duplay, Production Designer, ADC | France

Barbara Kapelj, Production Designer, SKOM | Slovenia

Maximilian Lange, Production Designer, VSK | Germany

Kirsi Manninen, Costume Designer, LP/Teme | Finland

Alexandra Maringer, Production Designer, VÖF | Austria

Olivier Meidinger, Production Designer, VSK | Germany

Laurent Tesseyre, Production Designer, MAD | France