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Discover the Magic of Scenografia & Costume

We are thrilled to announce the release of Issue 28 of Scenografia & Costume, Italy’s premier magazine dedicated to the art of production and costume design.

In the new issue of ASC’s magazine, you will find sparkling debuts and great confirmations on the cinematogtaphic panorama: interviews with Chris Oddy and Małgorzata Karpiuk, who reported on the production design and the costumes of The Zone of Interest, which won Best International Film at the Oscars 2024. In Italy, singer-songwriter Margherita Vicario turned director for the first time, and gave the audience a little gem like Gloria!, successfully presented at the Berlinale 2024.
Production Design and Costume Design are also protagonists of the two TV series of this issue: La Storia, directed by Francesca Archibugi and aired on Rai1, and Cristóbal Balenciaga, six episodes available on Disney+ dedicated to the great Spanish couturier. On the theatre front, a veteran of the stage such as Valter Malosti directed Antonio e Cleopatra while Daniele Abbado directed Verdi’s Simon Boccanegra, co-signing the set design with Angelo Linzalata.

Interviews then with set decorator Alessandra Querzola, director Simone Massi, a pioneer in stop-motion animation, celebrity stylist Sarah Grittini and Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave, who reproduces delightful paper dresses, and the production designer Giancarlo Basili, who brought Bologna’s Cinema Modernissimo back to its original splendour. And then exhibitions, books and room for craftspeople. This and more to be discovered in Issue 28 of Scenografia&Costume, avaible online and on Amazon.

The online subscription to the magazine gives access to consulting the entire archive of Scenografia&Costume (composed
of 27 previous issues) for 13 months.

On Wednesday, June 19, from 3 p.m., in Rome, at Spazio Europa (Via Quattro Novembre, 149), a public space run by the European Parliament Office in Italy and the European Commission’s
Representation in Italy, the new issue of the magazine Scenografia& Costume, published by the ASC (Italian Association of Production Designers, Costume Designers, and Set Decorators) and, as a preview, EDASC, the ASC Digital Encyclopedia, will be presented.