Scenografia & Costume Magazine

Scenografia & Costume – Production & Costume Design Mag is the Magazine published by our member organization ASC (Associazione Italiana Scenografi Costumisti Arredatori) and is one of the few independent Italian-based publications – with its bilingual content (Italian & English) intended for an international audience.

Production & Costume Design Magazin ‘Scenografia & Costume’ is now available not only in a digital version but also on international Amazon Platforms.

If you have an Amazon Prime Account, you’ll be able to get the Magazine without shipping fees.

The Insight of all the “hidden” workers from the art & costume department is, what makes this magazine so special: whether it’s theater, television, or cinema, the creators are speaking from their position inside the industry.

Starting in Italy, the Magazine has expanded its content, now reporting also about European or American topics. In the last 10 years, there have been multiple interviews and reports with Oscar-winning Costume Designers such as Ann Roth, Ruth E. Carter, Mayes Rubeo or Milena Canonero, as well as Production Designers such as Hannah Beachler, Patrick Vermette, or Production Designers Collective’s President Inbal Weinberg, to name just a few.

The digital version of the Magazine is available as a one-year subscription (15€, 3 issues), which gives you access to the archive with all back issues of the mag, also usable via smartphone. But you can also buy just one single issue for 7€

Scenografia & Costume Mag has just celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a special edition. In addition to that they created an interactive version accessible via QR-Code in the purchased special edition.

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