Open Forum – Talk to us!

The ARTSCENICO OPEN FORUM is an event, we love. We try to find relevant issues and discuss them in an informative and meaningful way. But we’re still relatively new to this, so there’s always new things to learn and improve the way we present the topics, our guests or ARTSCENICO itself, for that matter.

To find out, what we can do to be better, we created a survey, we would like you to take. The survey is only 10 Questions long and might not take longer than a few minutes. But your answers will help us tremendously.

Have you seen our recordings, yet? We started to record our Open Forums to offer the opportunity to follow the talks, even if you didn’t have the time to join in live. You can watch them here!

AOF #4
Let’s talk about Quality!

AOF #5
Authorship & AI

Moderator: Blair Barnette (UK, BFDG),
Guests: Margriet Procee (NL, ACM),
Christian Goldbeck (DE, VSK), Madeline Fontaine (FR, afcca)
Moderator: Patrick Messe (AT, UVA)
Guests: Dr. Cristina Busch (ES, legal advisor to the IMAGO’s copyright and working conditions committees), Prof. Björn Stockleben (DE, Uni Babelsberg), Pauline Vialle Durand (FR, FERA)