New recycling Platform

In Finland there is a new effort to recycle materials and props within their creative industry.

Buy, sell rent –

At the moment this may be a small initiative, but it’s only the first step taken. After establishing the platform in Finland, the plan is to spread it across Europe.

Our Finish PD colleague Kari Kankaanpaa has taken part in this and is also one of the funding persons. Besides that, it is a partly EU-funded project. 

There is also a social media platform for creative industry workers. Called ‘Roinaränni’ (“Scumchute”, “Scumbag”) it is designed to recycle (sell, buy, donate) materials, props, as well as gear after finishing projects. This already works quite well across the country. Since its foundation by two light designers even some big museums’ construction managers have become part of this platform, which is often very fruitful for Finish Filmmakers and the whole industry.