New Board Members

There have been 2 changes in the ARTSCENICO board: The French production designer Laure Leppely, ADC takes over for Emmanuelle Duplay, as she will not be able to spend so much time on ARTSCENICO. Laure was unanimously elected by the assembly as Emmanuelle’s successor. Many thanks to Emmanuelle and welcome to the board, Laure! 

ARTSCENICO has a new Vice-President! 
After Alexandra Maringer stepped down from her position for personal reasons Katja Fischer from Germany, VRDSD was unanimously elected by the assembly as her successor. 

Thank you Katja for your wonderful spontaneous commitment to joining our team!
Our thanks go to Alexandra for all her efforts and energy, not least regarding this event, but especially for her impulse for the foundation of this organization. But she will stay with us as a representative of the “Author-Rights-Group”. Thank you very much, Alexandra!