Milestone for Cooperation in the European Audiovisual Industry

Grafik © cinearte

On June, 13th Crew United launched 5 new language versions of their website, which finally makes it available to creatives and filmmakers in Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, and Lithuania – besides already existing versions in Polish and French.

Founders Vincent Lutz and Oliver Zenglein are proud to have started Crew United in 1996 – years before there was Google, Facebook, or Netflix – and call this development of new language versions a “milestone” for the growth of working relationships and cooperation among European filmmakers. The way to a real European Network of Creatives in the Filmindustries is supported by Creative Europe Media, a platform by the European Commission “supporting and promoting Europe’s film and audiovisual sector”.

“We stand for a fair, transparent, inclusive, artistic, and economically successful Film Industry. Currently coping with big challenges – such as ecological sustainability, working conditions, shortage of skilled workers, the survival of Cinema, the effects of AI, and much more – we want to support the transfer of knowledge and experiences on an international level,” says Oliver Zenglein. “We want to connect people to make great films together, but the goal is also to connect them in ways to be able to organize better, grow stronger, be most informed, and know everything about their rights,” adds Irena Gruca-Rozbicka, Crew United’s European Development Coordinator.

To make sure, there’s not just a bigger audience for the network, but the opportunity to truly connect people and build community, every new language version is in the hands of native-speaking filmmakers who already built networks and have deep roots in the respective national industries.

Find all info, especially about the Italian, Greek, Spanish, Roman and Lithuanian Professionals to connect people across Europe here.