Green Costume & Production Design Initiatives

panel discussion open to all public, organised by ARTSCENICO & VÖF
Metro Kinokulturhaus, Johannesgasse 4, 1010 Wien
10.11.2019 – 11:00 h



Mercedes Echerer / EU XXL & INTERFACE FILM (AT) – moderation
Film and stage actress, host of TV and radio shows, politician. 1999-2004 Member of the European Parliament for the Austrian Green Party. Founder of EU XXL FILM (forum and festival of european film) in 2004, and INTERFACE FILM in 2018, for (Austrian) filmmakers working in Europe. In April 2019 she invited ARTSCENICO, FERA and IMAGO to discuss the actual social challenges at the European Parliament.


William Abello / ECOPROD – ECODECO (FR)
Production Designer, member of ADC. He collaborates with the collective ECOPROD since its foundation in 2009. Together they have edited “5 actions for the art department”, as ECOPROD develops and provides a professional resource center to support film productions that want to reduce their ecological footprint. ECOPROD is present at the Cannes Film Festival, the Deauville Green Award, the Salon of film locations, conferences and round tables in France and Europe.

Aude-Line Dulière / Wheelwritght Prize – HARWARD GSD (BE / UK / USA)
Architect, Assistant Art Director (member of BFDG) and Researcher. She won the 2018 Wheelwright Prize for her travel-based research and investigative approaches to contemporary design: “Crafted Images: Material Flows, Techniques, and Uses in Set Design Construction” aims to examine construction methods and supply systems in the global film industry, and uses them as a laboratory for architecture. She also collaborates with ROTOR (BE), a cooperative design practice founded in 2005, a Brussels-based non-profit firm engaged in promoting and facilitating the reuse of building components. ROTOR DC is one of their side-projects who dismantles, conditions and sells materials.

Philip Gassmann / GREEN FILM TOOLS (DE)
Filmmaker, Green Consultant. He studied film in Paris, and worked for various theatre, film and tv projects. Since 2014 he organises workshops on eco-friendly filmproducing for film funds, film schools, film producers and politicians. He collaborates with the LAFC* since 2018. He will speak about the LAFC’s EVERGREEN guide (see below) and other solutions for green filmimg.

Kirsi Gum (FI)
Costume Designer, member of TEME LP. Kirsi Gum works in film, theater, dance, underwater projects, performances, and other productions. Her work has been described as visually distinct, conveying deeper levels of meaning regarding human experiences, cultural and social realities, and the complexities of contemporary identities. Foundational elements to Kirsi’s work are sustainable, ethical work processes and productions as well as considering the well-being of the whole creative team. Through each production, she aims to further challenge herself and to influence film industry decision makers to support more ecological and ethical creative working methods.

A not-for-profit fund in Hamburg (GE), created in 2013, who provides recycled or refurbished sets, materials, furniture and props recuperated from film sets, theatre and event decorations. They rent, sell or give to not-profit, private or commercial projects, the costs depend on the type of project: the more charitable the cause = the cheaper the price.

Dietlind Rott / LAFC EVERGREEN (AT)
Stage, Costume and Exhibition Designer, member of VÖF, she took on the challenge to create the LOWER AUSTRIAN FILM COMMISSION (LAFC)* in 2013. The LAFC is the only Austrian film commission actively promoting sustainable film producing. It has developed the green guide EVERGREEN, a comprehensive package of measures for all aspects of film production, to be extended to the innovative, digital platform EVERGREEN Prisma right now. LAFC also started the first Austrian green-educational programme for filmmakers and -students. EVERGREEN Prisma will be presented by her and Philip Gassmann (see above).

* The LOWER AUSTRIAN FILM COMMISSION (LAFC) is a service of the Department for Art and Culture | Office of the Government of Lower Austria.

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