European Film Festival & Awards

Here we assemble all the dates of the European Film Festivals and Awards.
2023’s Ceremonies happen all over the year, some already happened, but others are yet to be held.

Already given were the Spanish Film Awards “Goya” on 11 February 2023 and the “César”, the French Film Awards on 24 February 2023.

The Finnish Film Awards named “Jussi” will be presented on 24.03.2023,

followed by German Film Awards “Lola” presented on 12.05.2023.

From May 16 to May 27 the Cannes Festival will take place.

Also in May the Italian Film Awards “David di Donatello” will be presented,

whereas the Netherlands give their “Golden Calves” later, on 29.09.2023.

The ADC sends their congratulation to Christian Marti, long-time member of ADC, for winning the César for Best Decor and Gigi Lepage, winner of the César for Best Costume, for their work on “Simone, the journey of the century” (directed by Olivier Dahan).
As they are also very happy to relay the nominations for the César for Best Costume for the work of Corrine Bruand at “l’innocent” (directed by Louis Garrel) and for Best Decor for the work of Emmanuelle Duplay at “Les Amandiers” (directed by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) and Michel Barthelemy at “La nuit du 12” (directed by Dominique Moll).

Finally, congratulations to the team of the film “Maria Schneider, 1983” (directed by Elisabeth Subrin), awarded the César for Best Documentary Film (Production Design by Valérie Valéro), and to the team of the Short Film “Partir un jour” (directed by Amélie Bonnin), awarded César for Best Short Fiction Film, in which ADC-Member Chloé Cambournac did the Production Design.

Please send us your country’s dates, so we can bring them all together and enjoy them in time!