The ASC (Italian Association of Production Designers, Costume Designers and Set Decorators) has decided to organise a fundraising to help during this difficult time. 

They have asked their members (including our Oscar winners) to give them some of their original sketches and digital printouts (all autographed) of sets and costumes for important films, plays, television productions and works made with various techniques, which they will have collected in a catalogue to contribute a donation-offer to help the BINARIO 95 association. 

Other artists, although they are not our members, have also joined our initiative wanting to contribute by donating one of their works. 


The BINARIO 95 centre, managed by the social cooperative Europe Consulting ONLUS, was born at Termini Station in Rome, to assist those who live in poverty, in hardship and homeless conditions, who are in great difficulty because they cannot respond to the appeal #iorestoacasa (#IStayHome) for they do not have one and need support to be able to eat and be assisted in this hard time. 

For more information visit their website

To participate in the fundraising DONA UN’OPERA (DONATE AN ARTWORK) by purchasing one of artworks (the proceeds of which will be donated to the Binario 95 Association) you can consult the catalogue and get more information by visiting our Italien colleagues website: