An Art Department perspective on the current industry strikes – BFDG Webinar

Webinar Invitation of the British Film Designers Guild

The British Film Designers Guild hosts a Webinar to dive deep into the current film industry strikes. ADG National Executive Director Chuck Parker and British Film Designers Guild’s Chairwoman Blair Barnette share their perspectives.

The event is open to ALL MEMBERS of the ART DEPARTMENT, so spread the word to your colleagues!

Questions we will be asking include:
• How do we in the art department relate to the issues the WGA and SAG/AFTRA are fighting for in their negotiations?
• When Hollywood goes back to work, what if anything will have changed?
• What issues does it raise for the art department going forward regarding our job security?
• How has it changed the AI debate and what has it highlighted for us?
• Will we lose talent from the art department?
• How can we better prepare ourselves for moments like these?
• How can we better train and educate the next generation?
British Film Designers Guild’s Invitation