1st Conference of European Audiovisual Authors

ARTSCENICO is proudly hosting the 1st Conference of European Audiovisual Authors concerning the impact, challenges, and opportunities of streaming services production and distribution model on Authorship in Europe.

We’re looking forward to discussing with 5 other federations:

EFSI – European Film Sound Initiative
FERA – Federation of European Screen Directors
ECSA – European Composer & Songwriter Alliance
IMAGO – International Federation of Cinematographers 
TEMPO – International Federation of Film Editors Associations 

We’re giving a Press Reception at the Madrid Film Academy on November 6th at 12:00, which will be moderated by Mercedes Echerer, actress and Chairwoman of the Austrian Film Academy.

Academia del Cine / Calle de Zurbano, 3, 28010 Madrid 

Tune in via Zoom:

Special Thanks to our Sponsors ROSCO and TRANSPALUX for making this possible!