ARTSCENICO is a NETWORK of Costume and Production Designers, as well as artists and professionals working for Production and Costume Design. Our principle aims are :
  • to create encounters among professionals, to exchange ideas and knowledge at a European level
  • to make our professions and creations visible to colleagues of the other departments as well as the public
  • to promote our professions and defend our rights and accomplishments
  • to support our crafts and tools and create a vivid exchange with our educational institutions
  • to support initiatives towards race-, gender- and pay-equality and to fight against any form of abuse in the audiovisual industry
  • to become eco-responsible actors in the audio-visual industry
  • to collaborate with similar European initiatives (see links page) on common projects

ARTSCENICO is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization.  To support our activities and projects, you may click on the bottom below to make a donation online via credit card. Your financial contribution is greatly appreciated. Should you have any question, please contact us per email.